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Our staff at Lake Kawana General Practice have been giving up their time and effort in order to raise money for Oxfam by attempting to walk 100km through Australian Bush in only 48 hours. Donations would be gratefully received; click here

Parkrun Australia; promoting regular organised running events for the whole family

Exercise and the Heart — the Harm of Too Little and Too Much

Effect of Ankle Positioning During Hamstring Stretches for Improving Straight Leg Hip Flexion Motion.

More proof of the importance of exercise for health

Sunshine Coast Tri Club

For some, running uphill is a terrifying prospect. But with the right mental attitude and technique, you can conquer the ascent

‘Speed-play’ is a tried-and-tested training technique to aid speed endurance – and it separates the runners from the Runners

Performance-Enhancing Substances in Sports: A Review of the Literature

Study shows that wearing high heels has a detrimental effect on walking gait and increase as a risk of injury; advised to minimise, or even better eliminate, the number of hours wearing heels.

International Olympic Committee consensus statement on youth athletic development

Home exercises and supervised exercises are similarly effective for people with subacromial impingement: a randomised trial.

Recent paper aims to further elucidate the mechanism by which shockwave therapy exerts its effect on the management of treating tendon disease

Short- to mid-term follow-up effectiveness of US-guided focal extracorporeal shock wave therapy in the treatment of elbow lateral epicondylitis. (Otherwise known as tennis elbow)

Sunshine Coast Marathon 2015

Systematic review demonstrates that acupuncture is a useful tool for reducing pain and improving range of motion in myofascial trigger points of the neck

Systematic review of shoulder impingement confirms that cortisone injection with rehabilitation remains best non operative treatment

Cellulite and Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for Non-Invasive Body Contouring: a Randomized Trial

Current concepts of shockwave therapy in stress fractures.

Concussion Management in Collegiate Student-Athletes: Return-To-Academics Recommendations